бросать имя существительное:
бросок (throw, cast, shot, dash, fling, shoot)
ход (progress, stroke, running, travel, process, throw)
метание (throw, casting, dart, projection, cast, put)
бросание (throwing, cast, toss, casting, throw, sling)
сброс (dropping, throw, shedding, fault, discard, chop)
покрывало (cover, covering, veil, coverlet, spread, throw)
дальность броска (throw)
размах (scope, range, sweep, swing, spread, throw)
риск (risk, hazard, chance, peril, adventure, throw)
гончарный круг (wheel, jigger, throw, throwing, potter's wheel)
рискованное дело (throw, touch-and-go)
шарф (scarf, muffler, neckerchief, cravat, kerchief, throw)
легкая накидка (throw)
вертикальное перемещение (throw)
бросать (throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, fling)
кинуть (throw, cast)
кидать (throw, toss, fling, cast, shoot, pitch)
забросить (throw)
метать (throw, hurl, cast, shoot, launch, sling)
швырять (toss, fling, throw, hurl, sling, chuck)
швыряться (fling, throw, hurl)
швырнуть (throw, dash, chunk)
сбрасывать (discard, drop, shed, dump, throw off, throw)
забрасывать (throw, shower, pelt, overwhelm, neglect, pepper)
отбрасывать (cast, discard, reject, throw, cast aside, toss away)
закидывать (throw, cast, bombard, throw back, assail, bespatter)
устраивать (arrange, suit, organize, settle, hold, throw)
валить (fell, cut, throw, get out, fall, lumber)
набрасывать (throw, draw, draft, chalk out, throw on, trace)
повергнуть (throw, prostrate, throw down)
закатывать (throw)
накидывать (throw, add, throw on, shuffle on, fling on, slip on)
давать (let, give, afford, provide, produce, throw)
менять (change, vary, alter, switch, exchange, throw)
вертеть (twirl, turn, spin, revolve, twist, throw)
обрабатывать (process, treat, work, cultivate, work on, throw)
запускать (launch, neglect, set off, throw, chunk, fling)
крутить (twist, spin, twirl, screw, twiddle, throw)
наводить (direct, point, lay, sight, vector, throw)
положить на обе лопатки (throw)
ожеребиться (foal, throw)
формовать (mold, form, throw, fashion, model, mould)
отелиться (calve, throw)
смущать (confuse, embarrass, disturb, perplex, disconcert, throw)
приводить в замешательство (confuse, nonplus, abash, discomfit, embarrass, throw)

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